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Rhythmic Gymnastics

¿What is Rhythmic gymnastics??

It is a discipline that works with music and movement; the exercises performed help girls get a better posture, grace, coordination, agility, flexibility and artistic beauty.

The sport's origins date back to the plastic rhythmic systems of gymnastics where the Ballet plays a key role. Rhythmic Gymnastics is on the agenda of the Olympic Games since 1984.

In our country, the first international competition was held in 1990, since then, the Rhythmic Gymnastics began to gain strength. The girls use the following apparatus: first ball and rope, and then, they begin to use the hoop, ribbon and clubs.

These elements make the girls enjoy with their body movements and develop coordination and motor skills. Rhythmic Gymnastics at our institution began in 1996 as a summer activity. Thanks to the large turnout of girls it posed as an activity for the whole year, which is maintained until nowadays.

Martes y Jueves

Desde las Hasta las Edad
17:00 17:30 Niñas de 4 a 5 años
17:30 18:30 de 6 a 12 años
18:30 19:30 (Plantel)


Desde las Hasta las Edad
9:00 12:00 (Plantel)

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