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Workout Room

Regulations and Tips


The Physical Education Trainer in charge of the activity will maintain a cool environment adequate enough for the physical activity, favouring the use of natural resources (temperature about 24°). If indicated temperature should be surpassed, air conditioners will be turned on, keeping windows closed, resulting in the efficient use of it as much as a responsible use of energy.


Users must attend to physical education activities with appropriate sportswear.

Aerobic Machines

The time used in each of the aerobic machines should not surpass 30 minutes; this period may be extended if there are no users waiting. When you finish making your physical activity, all users must leave the equipment and weights on the conditions under which they were found, i.e. clean and tidy; if materials are found in poor conditions, users should advise the Professor on duty.

TV y Radio

TV´s will be soundless; members should use personal headphones; music must remain at a consistent volume according to the activity.

Cellphones and internal telephone

We encourage users to use phones and internal phone only in case of extreme necessity.

Security and Order

For security and order reasons, we suggest that you leave values and clothes in the dressing rooms.


Adults     Teenagers