Corporate Social Responsibility
For Club de Golf del Uruguay, Corporate Social Responsibility is a set of actions and programs which are developed within a framework of policies based on ethical and responsible management of resources which are entrusted to the Institution for its care and management; always seeking to achieve objectives and respond to its members, staff, community and environment expectations.

Since its creation, Club de Golf del Uruguay has promoted the generation of services and products of excellent quality for its members: also, it has ensured a successful and enjoyable work environment for its employees which promotes personal and professional growth within a frame of respect and environmental development. Club de Golf del Uruguay characterizes for building relationships of trust with the community and for contributing to the development of a more ethical and humane society.

Currently, the Club is carrying out programs of support to the community through the implementation of sport with the aim of promoting holistic learning; to their employees, through training programs aimed to generate new skills and abilities; to the environment, through waste recycling programs, rationalization of energy, etc. in pursuit of sustainable development.

Within this area and throughout the year, actions are implemented to address specific demands which arise from our stakeholders; in this way respecting the logic of corporate social responsibility implementation which aims to “respond to needs, generate opportunities for improvement and impact through our performance.”.

Regarding this matter, the Club’s actions have the invaluable support of its members, its sponsors, suppliers and workers, who have a committed attitude and allow the institution to turn proposals into facts.

We are convinced that we still have a long way to go, but we are convinced that we are in the right path and that the development of our society is a task for everyone.